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World God Only Knows Goddesses

World God Only Knows Goddesses

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Product Notes

Dating Game master Keima Katsuragi's skills at conquering hearts in the virtual world have translated into real life so well that he and Spirit Hunter associate Elsie have already captured 14 of the runaway spirits that have been attaching themselves to the souls of different girls. But is even the God of Conquests up to the task of romancing six REAL Goddesses? the fate of the world may depend on it, because if Keima can't do it six more times, a renegade faction of demons will use the Goddesses power to unleash an even more dangerous and powerful group of demons. And that could mean the devastation of both Heaven and the Earth! (Not to mention Keima losing his own head) And if the situation wasn't difficult enough, it seems that the Goddesses souls are hidden inside girls that Keima has already had to make fall in love with him before. And THAT means that, as part of the magic spell, they've all forgotten about him. Or have they? It's time to romance, conquer and repeat as Keima levels up to Deity level in THE WORLD ONLY GOD KNOWS - GODDESSES!

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    Title: World God Only Knows Goddesses
    Genre: Anime-Japanese
    Attributes: Anamorphic, Subtitled, 3PC
    Release Date: 3/10/2015
    Product Type: DVD
    Catalog #: 300
    UPC: 814131013064
    Item #: 1430337X

    Technical Information

    Street Date: 3/10/2015
    Original Language: ENG, JAP
    Subtitles: ENG
    Run Time: 300 minutes
    Studio: Section 23