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Girls, Gangsters and Zombies

Girls, Gangsters and Zombies

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Product Notes

Being a gangster is a dangerous profession, and even when you've escaped the scene of your crime, you need a place to hide out. Someplace out in the middle of nowhere where you can hide with your loot without worrying about running into another living soul. Unfortunately, living souls aren't the problem gorgeous mob girl Maki runs into when she and her boyfriend Akio double cross his bosses. Oh, their triple crossing partners don't make things easy, but the Maki's real dilemma begins when their hideout turns out to be infested with the walking undead! And while cops and other gangsters die when you shoot them, zombies just look at handguns and laugh. Well, they would laugh if they had any vocal chords left in their rotted throats and any brains in their heads. But while they can't fix the vocal chords, they certainly know where brains (and other yummy body parts) are on the menu! A getaway for the weekend becomes a flesh feast of bloody horror and the dish of the day is gangsters on the run with a side of mob moll ala mode in GIRLS, GANGSTERS AND ZOMBIES!

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    Title: Girls, Gangsters and Zombies
    Genre: Horror-Asian Horror, Foreign-Japanese
    Attributes: Subtitled
    Release Date: 3/25/2014
    Product Type: DVD
    Rated: TVMA
    Catalog #: 147
    UPC: 814131014740
    Item #: 910942X

    Technical Information

    Street Date: 3/25/2014
    Original Language: JAP
    Subtitles: ENG
    Run Time: 77 minutes
    Studio: Section 23