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Vicente Fernandez-Vicente Fernandez Para Siempre (Karaoke Version)

Vicente Fernandez Para Siempre (Karaoke Version) [DVD]
~ Vicente Fernandez


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Product Notes

This DVD contains all the songs of Vicente Fernandez's 2008 best selling regional Mexican album. It is the first ever official karaoke release by Fernandez with the artist's official seal of approval. Included are the original master recordings of the alb

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    Vicente Fernandez
    Vicente Fernandez Para Siempre (Karaoke Version)
    Latin, Music Video & Concerts
    Latin - Latin Pop / Rock, Musicvideo - Music Video (Concert / Performance)
    15 July 2008
    Not Rated

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    15 July 2008
    U.S. LATIN ( RINT )
    1: USA, Canada
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1
    Fernandez,Vicente Clr Dvd-Standard

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 La Derrota [dvd][version]
    2 A Qui N Vas a Amar M S Que a M [versi N Karaoke][multimedia Track]
    3 Los Cazahuates [dvd][version]
    4 Ni a Hechicera [dvd][version]
    5 Amor Sin Cuenta [versi N Karaoke][multimedia Track]
    6 Para Siempre [versi N Karaoke][multimedia Track]
    7 Estos Celos [versi N Karaoke][multimedia Track]
    8 Adorado Tormento [dvd][version]
    9 El Ltimo Beso [dvd][version]
    10 Un Mill N De Primaveras [dvd][version]
    11 El Ltimo En La Fila [dvd][version]
    12 El Chofer [dvd][version]
    # Title
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