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Little House on the Prairie: Movie Box Set

Little House on the Prairie: Movie Box Set [DVD] [Import]


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Little House on The Prairie-i - Special Edition Movie Box Set pA collector''s must-have edition, this extraordinary 5-DVD box set picks up where the Emmy Award-winning series ended. Featuring three 84-minute never-before-released to DVD movies: pLook Back to Yesterday Directed by Victor French - Bless All the Dear Children Directed by Victor French - The Last Farewell Directed by Michael Landon pPlus bonuses: Melissa Gilbert Interview - a very personal, revealing conversation with Melissa Gilbert about her life-shaping Little House Experience - Casting Little House - conversation with Little House on the Prairie casting director, Susan Sukman McCray. Farewell to Walnut Grove - documentary providing background on the making of the final Little House movies and why The Last Farewell ma

Product Notes

Michael Landon, Karen Grassle. After the final episodes of the popular show aired in March of 1983, star Michael Landon gave in to popular demand and completed three heartwarming Little House TV movies. Includes Look Back to Yesterday (1983/120 min.), Bless All the Dear Children (1984/90 min.) and The Last Farewell (1984/100 min.). 5 DVDs. Color/NR/fullscreen.

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    Little House on the Prairie: Movie Box Set
    TV - Family
    3 April 2007
    Not Rated

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    3 April 2007
    1: USA, Canada
    Closed Caption
    Discs:5 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1 ~ Country:Canada
    Cooper Huckabee, Dean Butler, Kevin Hagen, Matthew Laborteaux, Melissa Gilbert, Melora Hardin, Michael Landon, Pamela Roylance, Richard Bull, Stan Ivar, Victor French
    Import-Can Nr/5 Dvd Clr Dvd-Standard