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The Learning Treehouse: Phonics,  Vol. 3

The Learning Treehouse: Phonics, Vol. 3 [DVD]

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Joining Shelly the Nanny in her treehouse are Wordsworth Wolf, Hank D. Hog, Louie the Dog and Henny Higginlooper plus a whole gang of puppet friends that make beginning phonics a delightful learning experience. In segment one, Shelly helps Wordsworth Wolf rehearse for his new role in the puppet playhouse presentation of the Three Little Pigs, only to discover that he needs help with his two letter unit sounds such as: ch, th, wh, sh ph and gh. in segment two, Hank D. Hog is being a very greedy pig and Shelly teaches him to be polite. Along the way, Hank learns the two letter unit sounds: ch, th, wh, ph and gh. in segment three, Shelly helps her friend Louie the Dog with the two letter unit sounds that have been giving him trouble. How some two letter unit sounds come at the beginning of a word and how the same two letter unit sounds can be in the middle of a word. In segment four, Henry Higginlooper is having a terrible time writing a letter to her friend Boris, so Shelly helps her to understand the importance of the two letter sounds: le, mn, mb, gn and sc. Your child will easily climb to the top of the class after watching the Learning Treehouse Phonics Series. It makes learning fun!

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    The Learning Treehouse: Phonics, Vol. 3
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    11 March 2008
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    11 March 2008
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