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Invasion Quartet

Invasion Quartet [DVD]


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The Dirty Dozen...amateurs! Inglourious Basterds...wimps! Meet the fearless foursome who first made the Fatherland cry uncle: the Invasion Quartet! While recuperating at an English military hospital, two gung-ho officers enlist a reluctant lieutenant and a stiff upper-lipped colonel into joining them on a raid into Nazi-occupied France where they intend to silence the gigantic gun that's been shelling the coastline, disrupting their cricket game and upsetting the local livestock. A wild and wacky send-up of The Guns of Navarone, this heilarious World War II spoof stars British comedy legend Spike Milligan, Bill Travers, John Le Mesurier and Gregoire Aslan as the zany commandoes who taught the German army that Reich was jolly well wrong. 1961/b&w/87 min/NR/mono/widescreen.

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    Invasion Quartet
    17 August 2010
    Bill Travers, Spike Milligan, John Le Mesurier, Gregoire Aslan, Maurice Denham
    Jay Lewis
    Not Rated

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    17 August 2010
    0 : Region-Free
    Enhanced Wide Screen Letterbox for 16x9 TV
    Dolby Digital Mono, English
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0
    Bill Travers, Spike Milligan, Gregoire Aslan
    Ws/Bw/Dvd-R Nr Bw Dvd Mod