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House on 56th Street

House on 56th Street [DVD]


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Floradora girl Peggy Martin has found a life she could only dream about. She's in love - real love - with a handsome man about town (Gene Raymond) who adores her. They marry and upon returning from a honeymoon cruise, Peggy finds he's purchased a breathtaking mansion in the nicest part of town. But times and fortunes will change, both for Peggy and her beloved 56th Street home. Kay Francis, queen of triple-hankie weepies, portrays Peggy in a brisk, decades-spanning melodrama that links the big turns of her life to the fading glory of her home. Break out the tissues when Peggy sacrifices her happiness for that of a young woman (Margaret Lindsay) in debt to gamblers - a woman who will never know Peggy is her supposedly long-dead mother. 1933/b&w/69 min/NR/mono/fullscreen.

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    House on 56th Street
    10 August 2010
    Kay Francis, Ricardo Cortez, Gene Raymond, John Halliday, Margaret Lindsay
    Robert Florey
    Not Rated

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    10 August 2010
    0 : Region-Free
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0
    Ricardo Cortez, Gene Raymond, John Halliday, Margaret Lindsay, HARDIE ALBRIGHT, FRANK McHUGH KAY FRANCIS
    Bw/Dvd-R Nr Bw Dvd Mod