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Dear Santa

Dear Santa [DVD]


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Shopaholic Crystal's (Amy Acker, Alias) wealthy parents give her an ultimatum: change her irresponsible ways by Christmas or they will cut her off without a cent. With no job or romantic prospects, what's a party girl to do? Fate intervenes when she finds seven year-old Olivia's (Emma Duke) letter to Santa asking for a new wife for her widowed dad Derek (David Haydn-Jones). Crystal tracks them down and vows to win over father and daughter before the fast-approaching holiday deadline. Volunteering at Derek's struggling soup kitchen, Crystal is at first a fish out of water, but she is determined to prove to him and herself that there's more to her than just shopping and lattes. Only Derek's jealous and calculating girlfriend (Gina Holden, Harper's Island) stands between her and her newfound happiness. Share the gift of love and laughter with this heartwarming romantic comedy directed by Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210).

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    Dear Santa
    Holiday / Seasonal
    Holiday - Christmas (Live Action
    25 September 2012
    Amy Acker, Gina Holden, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke, Brooklyn Proulx
    Jason Priestly
    Not Rated

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    25 September 2012
    1: USA, Canada
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1
    Amy Acker, Gina Holden, Brooklynn Proulx, David Haydn-Jones
    Ws Nr Clr Dvd-Standard