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Batgirl-Year One & Batman Adv-Mad

Batgirl-Year One & Batman Adv-Mad [DVD]


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Barbara Gordon dons a familiar cape and cowl to attend a police benefit masquerade. Little does she know that the evening will be a turning point in both her life and that of Gotham City. for when a band of costumed maniacs led by the sinister Killer Moth crash the party, Babs proves herself worthy of the uniform by foiling their plot. But this is only the beginning, as the road to becoming a hero can be dark and deadly. Adventure turns a new page with this Motion Comic based on the 9-part Batgirl: Year One comic series. Strap in for powerful, legacy-enhancing fun! to prove her mad love for the Joker, shrink Harley Quinn devises a madder scheme - kill the Dark Knight! a splashy, colorful, playful style typical of Batman: The Animated Series energizes the Batman Adventures: Mad Love, a limited-motion adaptation of the Mad Love comic created by the TV show's producers. 2009/color/103 min/NR/stereo/widescreen.

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    Batgirl-Year One & Batman Adv-Mad
    Animation / Anime
    Animation - Super Hero
    9 March 2010
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    9 March 2010
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