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Andre Rieu-New Year's in Vienna

New Year's in Vienna [DVD]
~ Andre Rieu


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Product Notes

What could be more magical than Andre Rieu and his world famous Johann Strauss Orchestra performing before a live audience in Vienna on New Year's Eve! Join Andre and his musicians and guests as they celebrate the year's most special evening with this collection of all time favorites captured live in concert.

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Andre Rieu
New Year's in Vienna
Classical & Opera, Music Video & Concerts
Classical Artists, Music Video (Concert / Performance)
25 October 2005
Andr Rieu
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25 October 2005
0 : Region-Free
English, French
Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0
Andr Rieu
Rieu,Andre 0 Clr Dvd-Standard

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Gold and Silver Waltz [dvd]
2 Without a Care [dvd]
3 Come, Zigany [dvd]
4 Emperor Waltz [dvd]
5 The Juliska of Budapest [dvd]
6 Vienna Blood Waltz [dvd]
7 Funicul , Funicul [dvd]
8 The Gypsy Princess Medley [dvd]
9 Adieu, Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier [dvd]
10 The Blue Danube Waltz [dvd]
11 Radetzky March [dvd]
12 Strauss & Co. Medley [dvd]
13 Rigoletto Potpurri [dvd]
14 Chianti Song [dvd]
15 Carnival of Venice [dvd]
16 Circus Renz [dvd]
17 The Second Waltz [dvd]
18 Stars and Stripes Forever [dvd]
19 Brazil Symphony [dvd]
# Title
  * We do our best to maintain an accurate database, but errors occur. Please use this list as a guideline.