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711 Ocean Drive

711 Ocean Drive [DVD]


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Product Notes

Academy Award winner Edmond O'Brien (Best Supporting Actor, The Barefoot Contessa, 1954) stars in this top-flight film noir, based on actual events. He plays a telephone repairman who uses his knowledge to help his bookie expand his business to increased profits and rises to the top. But when syndicate head Otto Kruger (Saboteur) wants to take over, things start to get dicey -- and O'Brien's in too deep to call the cops. With gritty photography by Frank F. Planer (Champion), direction by Joseph M. Newman (This Island Earth), and a white-knuckle climax atop Boulder Dam, this is one of the finest crime thrillers of its era. The excellent cast also includes Joanne Dru (Red River) and such veteran tough guys as Barry Kelly, Donald Porter, Howard St. John and Robert Osterloh, plus a brief appearance by Cleo Moore (Over-Exposed). Newly remastered. 1950/b&w/101 min/NR/fullscreen.

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    711 Ocean Drive
    Mystery / Suspense / Thrillers
    Film Noir
    21 September 2010
    Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Dru, Don Porter, Sammy White, Otto Kruger, Dorothy Patrick
    Joseph M. Newman
    Not Rated

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    21 September 2010
    0 : Region-Free
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0
    Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Dru, Otto Kruger, Barry Kelley, Dorothy Patrick
    Bw/Dvd-R Nr Bw Dvd Mod