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McCartney,  Paul & Wings-Rockshow

Rockshow [Blu-ray]
~ McCartney, Paul & Wings


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Product Notes

Blu-Ray pressing. In 1975 and 1976, Paul McCartney and Wings undertook the epic Wings Over The World tour, the largest scale tour they would ever undertake as a band. From this tour came both the legendary Wings Over America triple live album and the concert film Rockshow. Although filmed on this tour at the enormous Kingdome in Seattle, Rockshow, originally a cut down version of the concert, was not premiered until November 1980 in New York and April 1981 in London. It was released on Betamax and later on laserdisc. Now for the first time the complete full length concert is being made available fully restored from the original 35mm film and with restored and remastered sound, including a 5.1 mix for the first time. This is Paul McCartney and Wings live on stage in a concert that is destined to live forever! Bonus features: A Very Lovely Party on tour with Paul McCartney & Wings.

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McCartney, Paul & Wings
Rock, Music Video & Concerts
Rock / Pop, Music Video (Concert / Performance)
11 June 2013
Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English, Denny Laine
Paul McCartney
Blu-ray Disc
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11 June 2013
A: Americas, E Asia
Discs:1 ~ Format:Blu-Ray ~ Region:A ~ Country:Usa
Paul McCartney
Blu-Ray Nr Mccartney,Paul & Wings 0 Clr Blu-Ray

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Venus and Mars/Rock Show/Jet
2 Let Me Roll It
3 Spirits of Ancient Egypt
4 Medicine Jar
5 Maybe I'M Amazed
6 Call Me Back Again
7 Lady Madonna
8 The Long and Winding Road
9 Live and Let Die
10 Picasso's Last Words
11 Richard Cory
12 Bluebird
13 I'Ve Just Seen a Face
14 Blackbird
15 Yesterday
16 You Gave Me the Answer
17 Magneto and Titanium Man
18 Go Now
19 My Love
20 Listen to What the Man Said
21 Let 'Em in
22 Time to Hide
23 Silly Love Songs
24 Beware My Love
25 Letting Go
26 Band on the Run
27 Hi Hi Hi
28 Soily
29 A Very Lovely Party
# Title
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